The Kidz That Move program is specifically designed to achieve specific objectives and milestones. In particular:

Our Preschool Program Strategy Encompasses:

The Munch and Move Program

The Munch and Move program is a NSW Health Initiative designed to promote and encourage children’s healthy eating and physical activity (Healthy Kids, 2016). The idea is to implement a fun, play based approach to support healthy habits. The program we offer at Kidz That Move is designed to align with this initiative. Both the Munch and Move Program and Kidz That Move have a goal to enhance fundamental skills, confidence and to increase the likelihood of children being active throughout their lives. So, why not contact Kidz That Move and get active each day with our 30 minute program! We can design a program specific to your needs. Book us in for a day a week, two, three or more!  

Our Program:

  • Promotes and encourages children’s healthy eating and physical activity
  • Is a fun, play based approach to support healthy habits
  • Includes:
    • Fundamental movement skills
    • Confidence building
    • Supports and encourages healthy lifestyles
    • Key Message: Get active each day
    • Our program is tailored to this health initiative

EYLF early years learning framework

  • Holistic approach to learning - mind and body
  • Foster learning and development
  • Collaborate with others
  • Communication skills

Below are the following outcomes covered throughout the Kidz That Move program.
Outcome 1: Kidz That Move is a program designed to develop children's sense of belonging as an individual who participates in sport and fosters skill development. Celebrating achievements with stickers, end of term certificates, positive affirmations and encouragement builds their confidence and makes them feel like they belong.

Outcome 4: Kidz That Move is a program designed to challenge and engage children in a safe environment through planned activities. This builds their confidence as they develop their skills throughout their program.

Outcome 5: Kidz That Move program enables children to communicate with one another by encouraging, role sharing and reinforcing learnt behaviours / skills to complete activities and games in a team building manner.


Our Primary School Program Strategy Encompasses:

Primary school syllabus

Our program designers have experience teaching at a Primary School level. They have a thorough understanding of what each child learns at all year groups especially Kindergarten as this is the year they have most experience in. Prepare your child for Primary School by enrolling them in our program designed to prepare your child and equip them with skills.

As per the PDHPE syllabus children engage in:

  • Non-locomotor skills
  • Locomotor skills
  • Manipulative skills
  • Games
  • Athletics

And as a result:

  • ‘Foster positive feelings of success and enjoyment’
  • ‘Develop fundamental movement skills (FMS)’
  • ‘Play and share equipment’

Our program gives children the opportunity to do all the above to prepare them for the next stage in their lives!

Our Gym Program Strategy Encompasses:

All the above depending on the age group of the children and has a very simple aim...

By enrolling in our program, Kidz That Move will become Adults That Move!



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