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Our highly qualified team are both passionate and dedicated to improving the physical education of younger children in Australia.




With a passion for fitness, sports and exercise, Zoe has been fundamental in shaping the Kidz That Move Program. She has over a decade of experience in educating young children a wide variety of sports including Soccer, AFL, Touch Football, OzTag, Basketball and many others.

As a hobby, Zoe volunteers as a soccer coach and has played the game for 20 years. Additional to this, Zoe provides personal training sessions for young adults. 

Zoe currently has a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and a Masters in Education from the Australian Catholic University.

Zoe Zagami - Kidz That Move


Brandon has experience playing in a variety of sports for over 15 years. Playing in sports focusing on basketball and soccer which he has been playing for since the age of 5.

Brandon has been experience coaching for the past 3 years, teaching ages from 2-16 years old. From these experiences Brandon can cater for all children to create competent but fun and enjoyable lessons for all. Brandon is currently studying a bachelor of sports and exercise science at Western Sydney university and hopes to further he’s study’s into a sports scientist.



Adrian has experience playing in a variety of sports at a competitive level for over 15 years. His expertise are in rugby, athletics and particularly soccer, where he has played annually since the age of 5. He has been a coach for over 3 years where he has coached kids from all ages - from toddlers to late teenagers. This has enabled him to learn how to adapt and tailor specific drills based on skill level and competence.

Adrian is currently studying a double degree of Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Adrian Kidz That Move Profile
Louisa - Kidz That Move


Louisa has always been actively involved in sport in particular Netball and Basketball, playing at a representative level for six years. She has also recently joined the UTS-Gordon Rugby 7’s Team.

Louisa has a natural demeanour towards helping children learn and enjoy different sports with coaching experience at a variety of levels.    Louisa is currently studying a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Technology, Sydney. She is looking forward to furthering her studies in Physiotherapy



Samantha enjoys a day-to-day healthy, active lifestyle. Her expertise are in netball. She has played netball for 11 years and has also had the opportunity to coach various teams. During her coaching experience she has learnt to cater for all needs of children as well as creating a fun and enjoyable learning environment. Samantha has a strong passion for working with children and over the years she has gained experience in working with children of all ages.

Samantha is currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary) at the Australian Catholic University. At the end of her degree she hopes to pursue her dream of opening up her own childcare.




I was involved in many different sports throughout my time at school. Over the past 4 years I have coached water polo and netball for both the junior and senior teams. I am also currently playing in teams of my own for both sports. I am in my third year studying exercise physiology at UNSW and hope to work with children after graduating. 


Rebecca is passionate about sport and leading an active lifestyle. She has played a wide range of sport growing up such as soccer, hockey, touch football and rowing for both club and school.

Rebecca is currently in her final year of a sport and exercise science  degree at the University of Technology, Sydney. She is interested in further study or research into childhood and athletic development.


Rebecca - Kidz That Move
Mez Kidz That move


When it comes to education, Maryrose recognises the importance of encouraging young children to give everything a go, including sports. She is especially passionate about dance and basketball. Maryrose has a background in hip hop dancing and has been playing competitive basketball since high school.
Maryrose has a Bachelor of Nursing, a Masters Degree in Primary Teaching and teaches casually. One day, she would like to open up her own leisure centre/cafe which would embody dance studios, basketball courts and a cafe - combining her 3 loves; dance, basketball and coffee.


Philip has always been passionate and engaged in sports at a young age, particularly playing Soccer and Basketball. He is currently involved in playing and coaching competitive Basketball. Learning and teaching sport served to be a great motivator in the pursuit of educating young children. The values of working with others, learning a variety of skills and continually trying new things are features of sports education that translate to teaching. 
Philip has a Bachelor of Industrial Design, Diploma in Children Services, Master Degree in Primary Teaching and is currently working as a teacher. 
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