About Us

The Kidz That Move program introduces children to a variety of sports including Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, Golf, Aussie Rules, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, T-Ball and Athletics in a safe, structured and inclusive environment.

Our programs are tailored to the interests, age group and skill level of the children. We offer multisport programs and programs specialising in one sport. Our highly qualified staff tailors the program to the children participating in the program.

Sports currently offered include:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • AFL
  • Rugby League
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Athletics
  • Dancing
  • Yoga

Each of our tailored programs are designed to achieve three specific aims:

Games and Sports Specific Skills – improve locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills through a range of games and sports that are modified and fun.

Preparation for school – the program is designed in a holistic way to develop children’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Designing the program in this way, enables each child to grow and improve their skills necessary for the next stage of their lives.

Development of life skills – children will develop competence and confidence in a range of games and physical activities which will foster positive feelings and be reflected in other areas of their lives.

To learn more about our program outlines and initiatives, you can ready about our strategy here


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